Orsini World Launch

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Orsini World, A luxury lifestyle and diamond jewelry brand, is being launched today. Orsini provides customers with a unique luxury experience they won't find anywhere else. The aim is to provide stylish, high-end jewelry products at a price people can afford.

Taking customers on a journey from the beginning to the final product, Orsini provides a concierge-like service. All the pieces are made to order, whether it's an engagement ring for the love of your life, a friendship bracelet for the person who means the world to you, or a fun piece for yourself. You will be getting an exclusive piece of jewelry customized to make just the statement you want it to make. With the concierge service, you can try different styles and have the jewelry fitted to you. Founder Valeria Orsini explains, "We want your whole experience to be VIP and for you to feel like you're a part of creating the gorgeous, elegant lifetime piece; it represents and says a lot about you without even speaking." Jewelry is a statement made by the wearer; you want to make it with your own voice.

It is a passion that comes from deep within Valeria. She explains that love is her greatest motivation and that she has a purpose and a duty to inspire her community and other women.

Her mother came to this country unable to speak English and with no education and no money. She worked hard to pull herself up and provide her daughter with a wonderful life filled with love, where she gets to live in a country where she can be anything she wants. Yet Valeria can experience the richness of Latin American culture, the food, the dance and the beautiful language.

To this day, Valeria takes inspiration from her mother's story. Her own story is one of having the self-belief and unrelenting will to succeed that has seen her become someone no one thought she could be. Her journey matches the rough diamond, polished to become a breathtaking diamond.

The mission to inspire is at the heart of Orsini World. Valeria wants it to be a beacon to other influencers and people, to see her brand's message and how it crosses over into the diamond world. "It is a Cinderella story," states Valeria.

The Orsini World brand is more than just a jewelry piece. It is about providing an experience tailored to each person. The brand is known for its quality and fantastic customer service. Uniquely designed, made to order pieces give people a chance to reflect their own journey and tell their story with a piece.

This is the place for classic, timeless jewelry, or fun "where did you get that" statement pieces. These pieces all come with free engraving and jewelry repair. Orsini World provides customers with this chance to get high-quality jewelry at lower prices than you would typically expect.

For any other information: Email us at hello@orsini.world