About Orsini

Orsini, forged from pure passion. A passion that trickles down into everything we do - from creating signature experiences to helping you uncover that unique luxury piece that speaks to you and is an extension of your personality.

Luxury has a new Destination

Orsini blends excellence and elegance for an unforgettable purchasing experience that thousand of customers turn to and trust. By providing you access to exclusive high-end brands and hand-picked, timeless pieces, you experience the wonders of world-class craftsmanship at the click of a button.

The person behind the brand


Among many things, the year 2020 mobilized us all to seize the moment and try to make each day exceptional.  It is also the year that the long-standing dream of a driven, relentless, and passionate woman came to fruition. Valeria, of humble beginnings but of proud and rich Italian and Latin-American heritage is today, an inspiration to millions.

“My mother came to America at the young age of 19. She didn’t speak English and had her financial challenges. But she got a job, put herself through school, and gave me the best life, filled with love. I owe my success to the sacrifices of that brave woman that is my mother.”

A diamond in the rough, and often working behind the scenes in an opaque role, Valeria’s keen eye for detail and grounded nature helps her empathize with customers and tailor experiences that amplify customer delight. Orsini – a name steeped in history, symbolizing the bearer’s strength and inimitable qualities, was thus founded as an extension of her persona and still exudes magic, much like her very own Cinderella story.


Transform the mundane into the extraordinary

Our clients are unique and have a very strong sense of individualism. At Orsini, the focus has always been purely on delivering select items and tailored experiences for our customers. Nothing is as gratifying as enabling our customers to express themselves through these pieces and not just “buy fashion.”

With Orsini, you’re never simply browsing through products. From the moment you embark on the site to feedback and beyond, we ensure you a seamless journey. Our jewelry is exclusive, have been crafted to perfection, and is made to stand the test of time. As you inspire us, we hope Orsini inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

The environment

As a brand, we are ever conscious of the growing concerns around the environment and take special efforts to ensure a carbon-neutral approach. From sourcing responsibly to clean supply chains, we aim to be the embodiment of an eco-responsible luxury brand and nurture these values within the people who work with us and buy from us.

Giving back to the community

 As a brand, Orsini aspires to make a big positive impact in the local communities. We inspire people to be confident and to build their dreams. The iconic brand supports local artisans and aims to be an exemplary beacon to those who follow their dreams and work hard to make them come true.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a world-class player in unique buying experiences and signature selections. To be a name that is forever associated with high quality, elegance, and exclusivity.

Our Mission

A Diamond is the Earth’s rarest creation and We are devoted to making it preciously unique by master-crafting it into magnificent designer jewelry exclusively tailored to complement your elegance.